Harvard Square | 40 JFK Street, Cambridge MA, 02139   | open late!  |

Official Burger of the Boston Red Sox.

Burger menu for Harvard
Burger menu for HarvardBurger menu for Harvard
Burger menu for Harvard
Burger menu for Harvard

Tasty Burger Challenge

Eat Three Colossal All-The-Way Dogs* in under an hour and we will:

  • put your photo on the “Wall of Fame,”
  • buy your meal, and
  • give you a T-shirt.


Beat the time of the current champion, and we will:

  • name the challenge for you;
  • list your name and winning time on our website;
  • and you will command bragging rights with friend and foe alike.

If you think you have what it takes,
bring your appetite and desire to compete!

*All-The-Way Dog = lb. hot dog, a hamburger, chili, cheese sauce, and bacon, all served on a sub roll.

Reigning Champion

Artie Pliakos

7 Min  |  9 Sec